Privacy Policy

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The website and various mobile-side GoldBox APPs ("websites") seek to protect users' personal information through technical means and internal controls and provide users with valuable resources.

Your access to and use of this site indicates that you accept the following content. If you find that the following is not acceptable, please stop using this site.

1. Basic regulations

This website does not disclose or share user information with any third party unless:

(1) This is required for the operation of this website;

(2) In order to protect the interests of users and the public, it is necessary in case of emergency;

(3) You need to fulfill the agreement between you and Golden Box Technology Co., Ltd. (the "Company");

(4) Laws, regulations or government requirements.

2. Information collection channels

The information on this website is collected through two channels:

(1) Indirect channels (such as network technology or user authority);

(2) Direct channels (such as personal information provided by users on the registration page of this website).

We collect information voluntarily provided by users (including geographic information).

Users can register on this website through social media accounts. This privacy policy applies to the submitted information.

3. Information Security

We take appropriate measures to protect your information on this website. We maintain your information security through internal controls and reasonable technology.



By accessing this website, you agree that we have the right to use "cookies", that is, to load the following defined cookies on your computer or related devices.


This website stores certain files called "cookies" through a browser on a computer or similar device. These cookies help us provide a better user experience. To achieve these goals, these cookies will track your use of the site and capture your use behavior on this website, record certain user information (such as login information so that users can quickly log in without having to enter login information).

2This website uses the following types of cookies

Necessary cookies: These cookies allow users to access the encrypted pages of this website.

Performance cookies: These cookies help the site to identify and count website visitors and understand which pages to visit to improve website functionality. However, these cookies do not collect personally identity information.

Functional Cookies: These cookies remember the user's account name, language, or location to improve the user experience.

This website is not responsible for your use of any third-party cookies. Before using such cookies, you must read the relevant legal statements of such third-party service providers.

Please note that the deletion of certain cookies may prevent access to certain pages of the site and impair the user experience.

5. IP address

Depending on the network conditions, you can use a static IP address or a dynamic IP address to access this site. In the latter case, this website may analyze and use your address information to enhance website functionality.

6. Third-party website links

For your convenience, this website will be linked to a third-party website on a random page. This privacy policy does not apply to any third-party websites to which you are redirected via such links.


7.Cancel your account

If you plan to cancel your account and delete personal information submitted to this site, please contact our customer service.


This site reserves the right to modify this privacy policy. Changes made at any time should be retroactive to previous users.