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  • Cash loan
  • Professional financial management


The Goldbox platform provides users with secure and efficient digital asset storage services. Based on the value of your digital assets, it provides you with convenient and fast international legal currency loans without the need to sell your digital assets and easily obtain liquidity.

  • FAST

    Automated approval, convenient and quick,
    Cash are directly transferred into bank accounts


    Preferential interest rate,
    No extra charge

  • FREE

    Get loan anytime
    Redeem at any time

  • SAFE

    Bank level security system
    Multiple encryption


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Improve the Liquidity of the Digital Economy in a New Era
Maximize the value of your digital assets

The total value of all digital assets in the world has reached nearly 100 billion US dollars, and the total scale of users and digital assets has continued to grow. Golden Box applies blockchain technology and will strive to provide a variety of innovative and convenient digital asset-based investment and financing solutions to maximize the value of assets for users.


  • Support multiple currencies
    Manage hot and cold separation structure
    Private key multiple encryption

  • Digital assets-based loan
    Fast approve, low interest
    borrow and return at any time

  • Long-term and short-term investments
    Enjoy higher returns
    Multiple security guarantees

  • Trading risk hedging mechanism
    Strategy portfolio
    Reduce the impact of volatility

  • Support multiple currencies
    Meet the needs of convenient payment

Turing AI System

Turing is an automated indepent system
Automatically handle loan and investment business within the platform

The Turing system has artificial intelligence that can be used to analyze customer behaviors to generate predictive behaviors from when a customer first lands on the platform to completing a loan or investment; for example, to provide additional financial services, such as automatic approval of loan payments, monitoring of repayment terms and expiration dates. Automatic reminders provide all the automation functions required by the ecosystem.


  • Community-centered

  • Users are participants, creators of value, and value-sharers

  • It’s our mission that to create user freedom,Co-building and sharing Healthy ecosystem


The case of miner“Jack”

For example, the miner Jack, who is the owner of a mine, holds a large amount of digital assets, but he urgently needs a legal currency to buy equipment, build factories, continue to expand the mines, and increase the power. Jack may sell digital assets and accept the amount of cash to buy up mining equipment. In this case, he loses the significance of the investment.

Why does Jack turn to GoldBox? Jack knows that if he uses assets such as BTC or ETH as collateral, he will be able to obtain a corresponding proportion of loan financing, using the amount of loan agreed in a stable currency, to purchase equipment and expand production scale. After the loan is repaid, even if the market value of the collateral increases many times, he will receive all the collateral. In this way, he can obtain both liquid funds and retain his digital assets, maximizing his investment value.

The block chain
represents the second
era of the Internet

—Don Tapscott


GoldBox can provide users with a convenient and quick third-party banking settlement system. Users can easily access local currency bills through the platform by holding a bank card, and can consume, transfer, pay, and withdraw cash globally.

  • Supports various currencies such as USD, RMB, Euro, Pound, Yen, Korean Won, Hong Kong Dollar, Taiwan Dollar, etc.
  • Transfers, collections, and instant access to the account, compared with the peer, the highest discount could be 50%.
  • Support global credit card spending, instant extraction of local currency at local ATM machine (with UnionPay/Visa/MasterCard logo)
  • Supports local currency or other currencies such as U.S. dollars, euros, or equivalent digital currency, repayments are immediately available, and mortgaged digital assets are immediately unlocked




  • Blockchain Project Angel Investors, co-founder of GoldBox. Continuous entrepreneurs who have nearly 10 years of experience in project promotion, management, and operation expansion. The first batch of pioneers of blockchain applications.
  • The executive director of Liantou technology, Bitcoin believers, invested in a number of blockchain startup team and participate in the construction, has a unique view of the market, operations, market value management
  • more than 8 years of experience in product research and development for high-tech companies in the first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Focus on product details, control and user experience, and rich product development experience in traditional P2P Internet finance
  • Expert in mathematics, computer science, and investment economics. Served as CEO of Smart Company in Japan. Deep research on cryptography and blockchain technology. Mastering the Ethereum smart contract Solidity coding language. Mainly writes TCASH Crowdfunding Smart Contracts and EtherFlyer Exchange
  • 10 years VC experience, the first session of the Shanghai Jiaotong University venture capital class, invested in love number software, Banyan Tree big data, point me, Xiaoming cycling and other projects. With a wealth of corporate management and capital market combined with operational experience, has a forward-looking perspective and creative thinking for the unicorn project
  • Vice President of Cloud Future Blockchain Research Institute Early Bitcoin hardcore player, angel investor of blockchain project, rich experience in project market operation and market value management
  • Miikka Saloseutu is the founder of and ,as well as an experienced marketing expert with extensive experience working in the Internet industry, involving search engine optimization (SEO), venture capital investment, angel investment, e-commerce. Optimization, ICO, cryptocurrency and many challenging projects and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

Support wallet and financial integration

  • Hot and cold separation double encryption secure storage
  • Anytime and anywhere get the money you need
  • Easy operation, fast approval, no credit check
  • Interest rate concessions, no additional payment fees